Isavera vs. Other Fat Freezing Systems

Losing fat in certain areas of the body is a significant challenge. Some people eat a healthy diet and exercise for years to attain a pristine physique. Even with perfect discipline, it is impossible just to reduce fat in specific areas.

Fat sculpting is a new term in the fitness industry. New technology allows people to use cold therapy to destroy fat cells in the body.

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Once fat cells reach a certain temperature, the cells are damaged and eventually die. Removing fat cells is possible with liposuction surgery. The problem with that procedure is the cost. Few people can spend thousands of dollars on surgery to reduce fat cells. There are also examples of people dying from complications with this surgical procedure.

Fat Cells

Once a person reaches puberty, the number of fat cells in the body is a fixed number. When a person loses weight, the size of the fat cells shrink. However, it is impossible to reduce the total number of fat cells with diet alone. Dozens of studies indicate that overweight children are more likely to stay obese as adults. Even when making healthy choices, people who were formerly overweight still have a much harder road to reach peak physical condition.


The Isavera fat freezing system is trending in the fitness industry. Isaverea offers an inexpensive and easy way for people to utilize cold therapy to reach various fat loss goals. Does Isavera work? Looking at online reviews, there are hundreds of people who have been positively impacted by this system. For less than $200, a person can order the Isavera system and receive it within a few days. The first step to use the system is to freeze the gel packs that come in the box. It should only take a few hours to freeze the gel. The gel packs are then placed in a fat freezing belt. The belt should be worn multiple times each week for about an hour.

Fast Results

Customers should see Isavera results within a few weeks of using the product. Most people will notice reduced fat within six weeks. The vast majority of users target the midsection. However, other people have stubborn fat areas in different areas of their body.

Results Versus Other Systems

Other systems promise similar results as Isavera. CoolSculpting is another treatment option that uses comparable technology. However, CoolSculpting is much more expensive. Many customers pay thousands of dollars to get comparable results to Isavera.

When comparing results, there are multiple variables to consider. The most important consideration for most customers is the cost. Not everyone can pay thousands of dollars for a single CoolSculpting treatment. Many cold therapy options are not as convenient as Isavera. People who use Isavera can wear the belt while doing other things around the house. However, CoolSculpting clients have to travel to a facility to have the procedure completed.

Other Considerations

Isavera works best for people who are already living a healthy lifestyle. Wearing the freezing belt will not automatically give a person fast results. However, this product is ideal for people who are living healthy lives but still having issues with stubborn fat. The great thing about Isavera is that the cost is so low there are few financial risks for people who try the product. Looking at Isavera reviews and Isavera results, it is clear that this system has worked for numerous people already.

Isavera Customer Service

The customer service team at Isavera is accommodating for clients. Customers with questions can call the company at any time to get a fast answer. A strong commitment to customer service is why any Isavera review is usually overwhelmingly positive.

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