Isavera Reviews - What are Customers Saying?

The Isavera fat freezing system is an affordable way to take advantage of cold-based body sculpting in the comfort of your own home. Does Isavera work? It does! Isavera results are very impressive, and perhaps the best way to appreciate them is through Isavera reviews from everyday people who’ve used this solution and enjoyed success.

What we’ve done is aggregate those online reviews and encapsulate them into the eight leading things Isavera customers are saying about the product.

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I wish I'd discovered the Isavera System years ago! I'm down 45 lbs and still losing!
Mindy Halstead

Results Better Than Expected

Perhaps the most common praise online reviews are providing about their Isavera results was that they were better than expected. Many an Isavera review noted that he/she had tried in-office therapies, were taking a chance on Isavera because of the in-office fees and were impressed by how the results that they achieved at home were similar to and even exceeding the professional treatments.

Excellent Value

People are also very impressed with the price and that Isavera lets you try the product without risk by offering a moneyback guarantee. Many an online Isavera review noted that the sticker price encouraged them to try Isavera, but it wasn’t until actually trying it that they truly appreciated the value. This a treatment you purchase once and can then use repeatedly without additional costs.

Ease of Use

When people ask how does Isavera work, they’re often surprised by the answer. It can’t be that easy. Can it? That kind of happy incredulousness is often reflected in the online reviews as well. People are amazed that great Isavera results can be achieved in just an hour three times a week. Many users were a bit worried with how cold it’d be and were surprised they could start using it for a full period right away.

These Are Not Ordinary Ice Packs

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Another area where people were concerned and surprised about the Isavera fat freezing system is the sophistication of the cold-isolation wraps. Are these just ordinary ice packs? Will that even work? But users were quite pleased that they were not just ordinary ice packs and that the wraps were able to conform to their target areas tightly in order to achieve great personalized results.


Many of the online Isavera reviews were surprised that the treatment was painless. A not insignificant number of people expected a high degree of discomfort at the very least. One Isavera review in particular noted that she was very sensitive in her target area and was unsure she’d even be able to withstand the shorter weening period. To her surprise, she went the full hour the first time around.

No Flabbiness

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How does Isavera work? It freezes fat cells and causes cellular apoptosis. In other words, the cells die and are flushed from the body naturally. Numerous Isavera reviews were really impressed that they were able to target areas of stubborn fat and get rid of flabbiness in the process. One reviewer noted that she began targeting other areas where she’d lost weight but flab remained.

No Stretch Marks

Along the same lines, many people were amazed that they could lose weight in this manner and not have unsightly stretch marks. In fact, a lot of reviewers were happy to note that they were able to target existing stretch marks and if not get rid of them entirely, at least reduce their appearance significantly.

Bought it as a Gift Too!

Perhaps the greatest praise anyone can give the Isavera fat freezing product—and many have—is that they were so happy with their purchase that they began buying it for friends and family. You know you have great confidence in a product when you’re willing to buy it for someone else.

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